What’s with the bra?
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A giant tank manned by a princess. Here is a band that is a tank full of a cheekiness with loads of ditty to expload with.

Led by Janice in 2010, an eclectic vocalist and songwriter (Winner of "Best Solo Performance - Vocals" for Malaysia's BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2007, as well as the winner of "Best Song Composition" for Battle of the Band 2005 & Malaysia Revival Songwriting Competition 2006), in a short span of 2 and half years, Janice and the Supertank left some memorable track marks in the local music scene. CD Press Release Layout CD & Quotes 2 From having no platform to perform, to appearing on almost every local TV channel including...

TV1 Hujung Minggu Malaysia
TV2 Hello on Two
TV3 Fuhhh! - Selongkar
TV3 Fuhhh!
TV3 Melodi
TV3 Muzik Muzik
TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini
TV9 Galaksi
TV9 Hip TV
NTV7 Breakfast Show
8TV Quickie

and various media such as....

Malaysian Digest
Seventeen Magazine
The Star
The Malay Mail
Wedding Guide Asia
Berita Harian
Harian Metro
Utusan Malaysia

to topping various radio stations such as...

+ FlyFM's Campur Chart at no.1 for 2 weeks (with "And You Know It")

+ XFM's top 40 charts at no. 1 for 18 weeks (10 weeks with "Kau Di Mindaku", & 8 weeks with "Just Before I Sleep")

+ Kuching's CatsFM at no. 1 for 2 weeks (with "Di Syurga")

and charting on other stations such as HitzFM's Met10, GaolFM, EraFM, HotFM & etc.

With Janice, the band was one of the few local bands to have ever been invited to sign and submit an instrument (Janice's guitar) to Hard Rock for circulation, and have performed at the reputable Hard Rock Cafe, Penang over many occasions (Pinktober, Penang Jazz Festival, Penang's Hard Rock Summer Fest, Indie Live at the Rock, Hard Rock After dark & etc), and other venues alike.

2011.12.21 JATS Kabus